Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks to Kathy Wait Myers for my first blogging award! With this comes the responsibility of telling you seven things about myself that you do not or
probably do not know! This is followed by seven favorite blogs. Here goes:
1. I work full time at a local hospital watching and interpreting EKGs.
My husband was disabled and eventually had a heart valve replacement -
that got me interested in a career change.
2. My desire is to make a 'living' from my writing -both my books and
blogging. I have been writing since I can remember, poems, stories,
3. I would love to live at least part time in Italy. This was a dream
since childhood.
4. I am working on my Masters Degree after graduating this year Magna
Cum Laude. I originally attended Drexel University for five years
fresh out of high school.
5. I am blessed with the world's best in laws - you may already have read
my postings on this subject but I cannot emphasize it enough. They have
always been there to laugh, cry, love, listen!
6. I have been blessed also with some great friends in my lifetime -
some are still close and in touch after forty plus years. They are best
friends because they listen, they love, they care enough to be honest.
7. I still miss my dad after more than 20 years just like it was yesterday.
But I am blessed with a step dad straight from heaven! He has been married
to my mom for twenty years and he is a keeper!
My favorite seven blogs to nominate for the Kreative Blog Award are varied in content. I don't always agree with all of their personal views but I love them
for their creativity as well as ability to be respectful of others even in
the midst of often heated debates! Listening to opposing viewpoints makes one
better informed - how do you know you disagree if you never 'talk' to the other person??

1. Bleeding Espresso

2. Geneabloggers

3. Tre Cancelle

4. FootnoteMaven

5. Dear Myrtle

6. Style with HeatherK

7. Man of Roma

Just a reminder - visit my other blog at Amore e Sapore di Famiglia


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  1. Thanks so much for the Kreativ Blogger award! I think this is my sixth or seventh one [blush] and I really enjoy reading the "seven things" about each person.

    And congrats on the new blog!